Order of the Arrow

by Donivan Berube

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"Their best yet, period."
- Shepherd Express

"An organic affair that grounds ascendent melodies with earthy folk structures."
- Pop Matters

"Adds a splash of textured ambience to moody folk tunes with tuneful vocal harmonies. The results are rustic yet distinctly modern."
- Exclaim!


released March 25, 2014

Jacquelyn Beaupre played everything.
Donivan Berube played everything else.
Doug Keith played some guitars.

Produced, mixed, recorded, and everything else by Kevin McMahon.
Mastered by Jamal Ruhe.



all rights reserved


Track Name: Ahbinreedis
I've been workin' really really hard
At keepin' my mouth shut
At growin' out my beer gut
At tryin' to keep my hair from gettin' cut

But I don't really think it's working out
I'm still sleepin' on this old couch
Tryin' to rediscover what my life is all about
I've been rediscoverin'
Track Name: Speaking Portuguese
I've been trying to forget my past
Before it catches up with me and kicks my ass
The doctor says it wouldn't hurt too bad
I've been feelin' like my nerves are ready to collapse

And I've been trying to pick me up some French
Spendin' every afternoon out on that picnic bench
Spittin' loogies till the yard is drenched
And then you caught me tryin' to hop over the neighbor's fence

Old friend where'd you go?
I thought I heard you on the radio
We haven't spoken since I lost my cell phone
I quit religion and my car got towed

The cancer in your chest it started awful quick
Now all your friends are callin' you an amputit
I saw that smile sneak across your lips
And I said it wasn't funny but you said it is

You were into speakin' Portugese
Countin' off Icky Bicky Bonkey
Fightin' mulch wars underneath the Christmas trees
We were barefoot in our blue jeans
Track Name: Wide World
And so she quit herself to be with him
And sang for him a lover's hymn
She had written while on his love she was stoned
He's already pickin' at her bones

It's a wide world to close off

She'd sit and listen for him to form himself through words
From other places other towns
Into the tangled weeds her heart was rolled
Her name it never came along

It's a wide world to close off
Don't you unfurl
Kick his downward swirl
And get lost
Track Name: Real Song for Emily
I'll remember both of our days from my death to second grade
All the lonesome time in which I
Forced you into waste

While I tried and I tried to be worldly
While we stared at that awful movie

I was living in the upstairs of a stranger's house I shared
You were sellin' off your ice cream
Couldn't tell how much you cared

While I drove and I drove us back home
While you talked and you talked you were heart broke

Now when I look at that horizon
I can't help but feel nothin'
Track Name: Salvation Army
Last time I saw you was in the Salvation Army
I was stealin' clothes and lookin' hungry
You were buyin' incense and fake palm trees

You were nervous to tell me 'bout your new religion
Your mind was racin' like two old pigeons
Skimmin' garbage with indecision

That was Champagne, Illinois
You'd just had your baby boy
He's gettin' big and he's makin' noise
And you won't stop buyin' all those stupid toys

Like he knows the dif between a simple stick
And all that Chinese shit
He's shovin' in between his lips

Me and Marcell were bustin' up old air conditioners
Singin' songs with no listeners
Pickin' fights with my big sisters

And strippin' copper wire
Recyclin' bald tires
Fake shotguns with hair dryers
At three yard sales with no buyers

I've been wishin' you would reappear in my life
Sunburned like pumpkin pie
Makin' beer runs at breakfast time

But I remember we ain't all that alive and well
I took our ashes to show and tell
Just to watch all my friends run like hell

Last time I saw you was in the old Walgreens parking lot
Starin' up at the Red Box
Tryin' to pick yourself a movie
That your girlfriend would wanna' watch
Track Name: Pickin' Strawberries
I's pickin' strawberries straight up from their skinny rows
Everyone's wonderin' where you are and where you go

I's pickin' strawberries straight up from their skinny rows
I couldn't help but eat them all before we made it home
Track Name: Leedo Ceedo
We would spend our days
At Little Cedar Lake
You'd look around
Into the trees, to the road and down

I would be so calm
Wondering what's wrong
Are you scared to be with me?
I'm not scared to be with you

Down in Milwaukee
We'd walk upon the street
Your arm around me
So casually

At Lake Michigan
You kissed me upon my cheek
At Little Cedar
You we're afraid of who would see

You would get phone calls
Out on the dock
You wouldn't answer them
You didn't want to talk

I could tell
That your love was true
Something was tying you back
Keeping you, blue
Track Name: Pinecones & Children's Gold
Woods in the day make me feel great
Woods in the day, I can't feel time

I wish I could stay in these woods
I thought I could, but then the sun set

Have you seen the woods at midnight?
Dark like a black hole in the night sky
Like walking straight into the jaws of
Some beast that you just cannot see

Woods in the day, green canopy
Still learning pine needles and leaves

Woods in the day, patchy in light
It saturates as the sun sets into night

How I wish I was still there
A tree fort made of children's gold
Throwin' pinecones at our cousins
Shaky flashlights in the cold
Track Name: Hey! Mother Nature
Look at what all of your children have done to you now

Don't have no hybrid car
So we're buyin' up the gasoline
It's all in politics
It ain't up to you and me

Most days I walk to work
Feelin' kinda like a loser for it
It's all in politics
It ain't up to you and me

Don't have no cell phone
Don't have no washin' machine
But I do my laundry
And no one has to listen to me
Track Name: From the End of August Till the Start of May
I stole your bike to go to work
Just the other day
And I jumped it off a fuckin' curb
Landed on my face

You'd of thought that I was in a race
People asking if I was ok
I guess you happened not to catch me at my best

I was staring at the posters on the wall
Of all the bands we'd stole from dirty bathroom stalls
On all the nights we tried to buy some happiness
We're always tryin' to buy ourselves some happiness

And I've been pissin' all my summe days away
Sleepin' in like all my time is here to stay
And to the end of August till the start of May
I'll be wishin' I was swimmin' in the lake
Track Name: Everyone I Love Is You
Everybody's lookin' at the baby's face
While she shoves another piece of chocolate cake
She's laughin' harder than a dizzy race
On an old 1980-somethin' super 8

And I would bet that you forgot about those
Same thing happened to the radio
We needed money so you let it go
I'm sorry momma' that you had to sink so low
I'm sorry baby that we had to sink so low
I'm sorry baby that we ever sank so low

Everybody's surfin' on the internet
When all I wanna do is put this song to rest
If I was any good I wouldn't need the press
Or this awful nine-to-fiver cookin' food I guess

I tried to make you supper nice and romantic
But lit the kitchen on fire just a little bit
I'm throwin' pennies in the tub so I can make a wish
I'm sorry all my love is turnin' out like this
I'm sorry all my lovin's turnin' out like this
I'm sorry all my cookin' always tastes like shit

Everybody's lookin' at the quarterback
And what he used to be before his time went past
But now he's someone else's trailer trash
Drinkin' Pabst Blue Ribbon in a paper bag

And every night he tries to overdose
On wild cherry flavored cans of coke
And marathons of all his favorite TV shows
It's hard to think of any better way to go

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