There Will Be No Sad Tomorrow

by Donivan Berube

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A month after turning 17, Donivan Berube left home and disassociated himself from the church of Jehovah's Witnesses, thus saying goodbye to his entire family and all of his friends, forever. Then he met his dream girl, Jacquelyn Beaupré, and together they took off to travel the continent and live out of a tent. In the time since, he's worked as an English teacher in Peru, a librarian in Big Sur, California, and ridden his single-speed bicycle across the country, aside from touring the continent while releasing records on small labels.

Two years in the making, 'There Will Be No Sad Tomorrow' is equal parts beauty and brutality, a transgressional road trip that stretches from the ghettos of Peru to the high plains of Wyoming, from the swamplands of Florida to the oceanic wilds of Big Sur. It is traveling music, tormented and biographical, but most importantly, human.

"A late-night manifesto of the open road as both paradise and purgatory."
- Vinyl Me, Please

"Incredible songwriting and an entrancing personal narrative."
- The Limited Press

"A misty collection of tender songs sung with heart-on-their sleeves earnestness. Love songs, lonely songs, road songs, and silly songs play out like a prayer for peace with a world-weary, DIY resonance."
- Geek Insider



released October 9, 2015

Recorded, produced, mixed, and everything else by Blessed Feathers, partly on a concrete rooftop in Huaycán, Peru, and partly in the basements and bedrooms of our friends across America, with vocal and drum help from Ben Lippard at Studio Patchwork in Arizona.

Huaycán Song #2 was recorded, produced, and mixed by Patrick Boland, Mark Zbikowski, & Marty Brueggeman at Honeytone Studio in Wisconsin.

Mastered by Joe LaPorta at Sterling Sound in New York City.
 Artwork and layout by Rob Carmichael at SEEN, with help from Jacquelyn Beaupré Berube.

Jacquelyn Beaupré Berube played everything.
 Donivan Berube played everything else. 
Ross Severson played a guitar or two on Huaycán Song #2.



all rights reserved


Track Name: Hitchhiking
Hitchhiking, and nobody knows
How long that I've been on this road
And how long that I have left to go

But I am too tired to care anymore
The best I can do is fail but endure
So go on and say it if you want
Tell me about the man I'm not

Why do I think so little of myself?

Is it supposed to work
When you turn the dirt over and over and over again?
Is it supposed to hurt?
Every day you grow colder and colder and colder

Rock climber, in Joshua Tree
Make me believe
That life can come easily

Tell me what I am doing wrong
Why I can't find where I belong
All of the places I have been
Have nothing to do with what's ahead

Why do I think so little of myself?
Track Name: Wyoming/Dakota
Wyoming, how could you do this to me?
How much more road could there be?

Rode through rain half of the day
Wishing that you weren't so gray
But sometimes there's no other way

Someday, I know we'll make it out alive, I know
Till then, I have to struggle and survive alone

Dakota, so empty I couldn't see
Anything but misery

But you looked so pretty tonight
That it was almost worth the fight
Pitch my tent, turn out the light

Did you have to be so cold?
I'm trying to forget about it
Track Name: Huaycán Song #1 (So Long)
So long, Huaycán
What do I do, without the weight of you?

Come on, tell me what you want
'Cause I don't know anymore
Track Name: Laat Maar
The snow is blue under the moon
It shines on me, tries to reach you

But you're preoccupied
Wrapped up in your own lie
And I'm alone outside
My mind's washed by the tide

A memory you are only
And the moon helps me forget you
These glacial hills roll by me
With snow drifts I am flowing

The snow is blue under the moon
The sunrise weaves a new cocoon

No longer I will ponder
With this I have released you
Track Name: Worry Waste
Fool, placing pillows out just right
Feel, myself laying on your chest

Don't you worry baby, it's ok
Worry wastes our spirits anyway

And at night when I lay all alone
I'll picture you next to me calm and warm

All I need is a place to rest
Glow, here comes my awakening

Though it tends to hurt, I do maintain
I still sleep on your side of the bed

I'll try not to think on you too much
Give me heaven's idea where you stand

Your warmth it has faded from here
Now I am back to guessing

What it feels like to know your place
Should I let my shy adherence grow?
Track Name: The Further That We Run
When I was eight years old
I'd spend all day catching toads
To throw them in the river
Just throw them in the river

My mother told me boy
Don't let these people tell
You that you won't be nothin'
You'll always be my baby

I think about her some
Being her youngest son
And whether not I'm living
Up to the things I could be

I think about her some
Laying out in the sun
Telling me to be careful
Sorry I wasn't careful

The further that we run
We run away together
The less I can remember
The less I can remember

And that's exactly how
I wanted it to work
This day will last forever
Today will last forever

You lost your wedding ring
I told you not to worry
My mother pawned her's only
To pay rent one December

You lost your wedding ring
And now you're crying only
This day won't last forever
That's why I don't remember
Track Name: Huaycán Song #2
All I want to do is sit right down beside you
Sing you songs and find a dream to run and hide to
So why'd you tell me that you love me now
If you were only gonna leave me anyway?

All I wanted was to hear you call me baby
Now where've you gone? You're always disappearing lately
Why'd you tell me that you love me now
If you were only gonna leave me lonely?

Hell if I know baby
What I'm supposed to say to you
Hell if I know baby
If what you're saying isn't true

I trust you though
And I'll keep loving you so

Franky used to sing me songs about the ocean
And all that I could do was keep my lips in motion
How could I tell him if I loved him now
If I was only gonna leave him anyway?

God I miss the way your mouth felt when it opened
And the way you look just after you've awoken
Here's to every night on which my heart was broken
I wish I never had to leave you anyway
Track Name: Song from Henry's Yard
Baby would it be alright, if we slept in the tent tonight?
I've been feeling like there's no place to go

My body is a lonesome road
Or better yet a Redwood grove
For thirty-some years unknown
Now the garden is over grown

What do I do?

Baby would it be alright, if I'm not up to dance tonight?
Everybody is asleep on the lawn
And the drunkards are gone

What do we do?
Track Name: Boxer
All the freckles on your skin
Became my constellations
When you went away

And it is wrong to love someone
About as much as I did
How am I supposed to feel
About trusting you now?

Then you're back like a toddler
Storming around your crib
But you're much too big

You had to just give up
Someone else's toy
You forgot about, you had your own
Now you're pointed to come back home

Sometimes my fists clench up
When I see those scars
But I breathe in, and I breathe out
Like a boxer

And we're on then off then on
Remember when it was gone?

The beast is out there breathing
And the beast is beside me breathing
And the beast is inside me breathing
I want to let go of that feeling

Now I keep my compass in my chest
So I'll never lose my way again
Track Name: George Lassos the Moon
I've been losing track of
How many times she has left me
She keeps calling back though
That is the part that still gets me

You'd think I'd be used to
Feeling the way that she makes me
Every day is brand new
Yet every day it escapes me

I've seen the west, I've seen the east
But everywhere's the same to me
Without you there, right by my side
I only live to lose my mind

Atleast you'll know I love you so

Is there something I could
Do that would make her love me?
Go George Bailey on the
Moon in the sky up above me

Everything that I try to do
Ain't enough to make you see
That I'm in love with you

I've seen the west, I've seen the east
But everywhere's the same to me
Without you there, right by my side
I only live to lose my life

You always knew, I needed you
Track Name: Everywhere I Go
I don't know what I'm doing here anyway
'Cause I don't fit in anyplace
Anywhere I go, unless I'm with you babe

How do I make you understand
That I want to be your man?
Everywhere I go, just you and me babe

And we used to have more money
And we used to have a home
Baby these days, we're just two birds in one cage
And all that we have is time to roam around, so

I don't know what I'm doing here anymore
What am I still singing these songs for?
Don't it feel nice to be in love babe?

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