Aloner (Single)

by Donivan Berube

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A month after turning 17, Donivan Berube left home and disassociated himself from the church of Jehovah’s Witnesses, thus saying goodbye to his entire family and all of his friends, forever. Then he took off to travel the continent and live out of a tent, releasing albums on small labels as "Blessed Feathers." In the time since, he’s worked as an English teacher in Huaycán, Peru, a librarian in Big Sur, California, a luthier in Flagstaff, Arizona, and taken several cross-country biking/hitchhiking tours.

Aside from touring the US, Canada, & Europe with bands like Father John Misty, Youth Lagoon, and the Cave Singers, his 2014 album “Order of the Arrow” was featured on NPR’s Morning Edition, and his 2015 album “There Will Be No Sad Tomorrow” was released by Vinyl Me, Please. But after the dissolution of his marriage he found himself at the end of the road, alone, having lost everyone.



Go on and get mad
I can get real mad too
Ain't that the truth baby?

You know I love you
But sometimes I get so mad at you
Why do you do that?

We used to fuck in
The kitchen for nothing at all
We didn't need no reason

I don't expect you
To be the person you were
That ain't the way it works
Even if it makes me hurt

Do you remember
How long I tried?
I tried so hard to be
Someone that you would want to see

Is that me or ain't that me?
Ain't that me now?

We used to dance in the kitchen
She threw down like nobody's business
I used to make her laugh
And then I'd make her miss it

She told me that I'd never ever be alone
She taught me that I never have to feel alone

Said are you alone or a loner?
Am I alone or a loner?

I think I'm indoors for the outside

I talk like my friends they always fade away
But I know it was me that always made it that way

People they don't want to have that talk
I am just an afterthought

Most nights it feels like
My life is only looking for somebody it can mess with
And it's been chasing me around the block
Forever and ever and ever and ever

Are you alone or a loner?



released December 10, 2018
Written, produced, performed, and everything else by Donivan Berube.
Some harmonies were sung by Sara Maltinsky.

Recorded at home in Arizona.
Mastered by Joe Lambert in New York City.



all rights reserved


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